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Total-Care Manager

Leverage the power of the Polytex Total-Care Manager to track workwear consumption, usage trends and inventory levels.

Gain Visibility and Control

Polytex Total-Care Manager is an intuitive cloud-based web application that enhances your workwear usage tracking and inventory management capabilities.

Item Permissions
Assign workwear items to specific groups and individuals based on role and consumption needs.
Inventory Management
Monitor and control workwear inventory levels according to type of workwear, color, size and popularity.
Consumption Reports
Track daily dispensing and return patterns, identify peak consumption times and control laundry service costs.
Total-Care Dashboard

Get Accurate, Real-Time Data Coverage

Actionable Alerts and Reports
Track daily machine operation, detect faults and perform preventive maintenance to avoid unplanned service downtime.
Operational Efficiency
Monitor machines across the organization to control
inventory levels and laundry service costs.
Hygienic and GMP Standards
Monitor and control daily usage of workwear items based on frequency of usage and replacement.
Business Intelligence

Create a "Single-Pane of Glass" Across Operations

Polytex Total-Care Manager integrates data from multiple sources and presents actionable real-time information in a unified display.

  • Locate of all workwear inventory items
  • Identify item usage trends across teams and individuals
  • Generate accurate hygiene reports per department
  • Anticipate garment inventory quantity levels
  • Monitor machine availability and performance
  • Track customer satisfaction per department
  • Get drill-down for any clothing item, machine or user
Connectivity and Security

Reliable and Secure Cloud Connectivity

The Pollytex cloud platform ensures your machines and management application are secure and always up-to-date.

  • Accessibility from any machine, anytime and anywhere
  • Fast and simple configuration – no need for internal IT experts
  • Realtime service and support & Proactive monitoring
  • High availability with 24/7 server uptime
  • Data Security: ISO27001 and SOC2 Type 2 Compliance

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