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Polytex helps large-scale manufacturing companies focus on their core business operations by automating the workwear management process.

Our Customers

Polytex delivers fresh, clean and hygienic workwear every day to tens of thousands of people working in hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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Customer Benefits

Polytex solutions offer tangible and measurable benefits across the entire customer organization.

  • Gain Visibility and Control

  • Increase Hygiene Standards

  • Comply with Industry Regulations

  • Simplify Inventory Management

Electronic Medical Equipment– Philips Case Study

Comply with FDA and TUV Requirements

In electronic assembly environments, the Electronic Discharge (ESD) of static electricity from clothing can be dangerous to employees. This is a major concern for Philips who selected the Polytex workwear management solution to ensure that all ESD protective clothing is safe for use and fully compliant with the requirements specified by FDA and TUV regulations.

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Philips Headquarters
Electronics and Lasor Manufacturing - Orbotech Case Study

Increase Hygiene and Cleanliness Standards

Maintaining the highest level of hygienic standards on a daily basis for employees who work in a clean-room environment is a challenging and costly opera on for many technology companies. At Orbotech, the distribution and collection of clean- room garments was a manual, me-consuming process performed by costly dedicated laundry workers. Polytex installed a fully automated, hands-free, self-service workwear solution that increased the level of hygiene and led to a significant reduction in operational costs.

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Pharmaceuticals – Teva Case Study

Gain Visibility and Control Over Operational Costs

Gaining visibility and control over workwear management activities at scale for hundreds of employees is a complex but necessary task to achieve optimal operational efficiency. Polytex delivered a fully automated system with pre-programmed garment control capabilities, convenient self-service, and real-time monitoring of all garment distribution and collection activities. The Polytex solution enables Teva to reallocate expensive resources and attention to primary core business functions.

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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA) building

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Learn how Polytex solutions help you gain full control and visibility over your garment management processes.

“To maximize operational efficiency, you need to look at evaluate and optimize every detail across the entire organization”.

Yariv Matzliach – Chief Executive Officer Polytex

Bio-tech Research

Eliminate Inventory Management Pains

Behind the scenes of any large-scale manufacturing business, it is essential to ensure that your employees are equipped and satisfied in order to perform their jobs. From an operational perspective, this means you need to make sure that every employee gets the right clothes in the right size at the right time. This goal can be a major hassle if you use an inefficient and outdated inventory management system. With Polytex you can boost employee satisfaction by providing fast, convenient self-service access to any type of workwear item.

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